JUNE 2021 · ISSUE NO. 1


Get The Most Out Of Your Dance Studio Website

daughter playing in sandbox
Hello and happy summer! Hopefully you get to have a little break as recitals are coming to a close and we kick off the summer season.

My lovely daughter Leora and I are running in the grass, digging up sand, and splashing in the inflatable pool. She wasn’t too happy that I interrupted the fun for this picture!

This month I’ll be teaching some children’s classes including guys only classes. With temperatures in the 90s lately, it will be good to get them moving, dancing, running, and jumping out of the heat. Some of these kids will be dancing for the first time!

During the summer, many new families might be wondering if your studio is a good fit for them. It’s important your website info is up to date and a new fun refreshed design wouldn’t hurt either! To help, I’ve put together a summer checklist below along with some other new announcements.

June tip of the month: Get a lot of new eyes on your studio for summer and fall registration by making sure you are the top ranked studio in your area! Ask me about Search Engine Optimization.

Important Reminder: On trial & contact emails remember to start a new email thread. Do not reply!

Summer Checklist

  • Spring Clean Your Website Of Old Information
  • Update Calendar
  • Refresh Photos
  • Publish Summer & Fall Schedules
  • Refresh Teachers, Staff, & Guest Artists
  • Transform site to a post-COVID site as measures relax
  • Check On Your SEO

New Features

Animations! Would you love to have some movement on your website like seeing content and images fade into view as you scroll down the page? Animate your site for $99 with our Early Bird Special. This month only!

Hour Tracker! For additional hourly work the 1 hour minimum can now be broken into 15 min projects with a 1 hr minimum by the end of the month. Keep track of how much time you've used for updates by going to denliedesign.com/your-studio-initials-here (example: denliedesign.com/mdu)

Its been a rough couple of years in our world but it is my hope that we can come together as a community and help build one another up.

I started this monthly newsletter as a way to open up communication, provide useful timely tips, and let you know I’m always working to improve your site.

Use each hour wisely to polish your website. Make sure your dance studio is at the top of search results. Always display current info. Grab potential families attention with bright colorful summer colors and designs. All these things improve user experience, client conversion, and lead to happy dance families!

Have a beautiful summer!

Dennis Williams

daughter on play structure