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What's New This Spring: The Hub

Organize all your recital information in an easy to edit blog-like format with The Hub!

Implemented at Misty's Dance Unlimited, the leadership team, front desk staff, teachers and parents have all found this system to be Really Useful in clearing up questions in a quick-to-find format.

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More Than For Recital

Other Denlie Site Owners have found The Hub to be helpful not only for recital but to also organize other groups of information such as recreational classes (academy) and performing groups (company).

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Recital season is an exciting time with a lot going on and a lot of questions to go with it. Save all the trouble and help things run smoothly with the brand new Hub.

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Dennis Williams

P.S.: If you're wondering about the "Really Useful" thing, I have been inspired reading Thomas the Tank Engine to my 2 1/2 year old daughter. Who knew you could learn so much from a children's book!

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