Ascension Level Placement

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Ascension offers a comprehensive system for tracking student progress, managing audition results, and assigning levels in a streamlined manner. This tool enables teachers to record accurate placement data and deliver personalized information to families privately and securely. It simplifies the level placement process for your studio, providing transparency and clarity to families while ensuring students receive the guidance they need to grow in their dance journey.

Pairs Well With Email Marketing Suite

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Pairing Ascension with the Email Marketing Suite creates a seamless way to communicate crucial placement information and personalized class recommendations to families. With this integration, your studio can automatically send tailored emails to families, providing them with their child's latest level placement results and recommended classes for the upcoming summer or fall seasons. Additionally, you can schedule automated reminders when it's time to register, track whether families have completed their registrations, and follow up if necessary to ensure no one misses out on the opportunity. The Email Marketing Suite's analytics features allow you to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns, giving you insights into how parents respond and how to refine your strategy for future communication. This pairing not only simplifies administrative tasks but also enhances the family experience by delivering important information directly to their inbox, helping you build stronger relationships and foster greater loyalty to your studio.

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