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Our Licensed Design is the very blueprint used by Misty Lown, the visionary behind More Than Just Great Dancing!, for her own dance studio's website. This design, refined through relentless dedication, is crafted to optimize the dance parent's experience and journey. It simplifies the process of finding the ideal dance class for their child, all while radiating a vibrant, welcoming ambiance that truly reflects our foundational belief: ‘We don’t teach kids to make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids.’

We take immense pride in creating premier dance studio websites, meticulously designed to foster studio growth and enrich your community. Our Licensed Design encapsulates this ethos, offering a user-friendly interface and engaging content that speaks directly to the hearts of parents and students alike. Choose our Licensed Design, and let your website be a beacon of inspiration and growth for your dance studio, embodying the spirit and values that make your community flourish.
  • Misty's Official MTJGD Design
  • 10 Pages
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Trial & Contact Form
  • Dynamic Dance Photography
  • Exclusive Signature Dance Illustrations

Pairs Well With EngagePlus

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Pairing our Licensed Design with EngagePlus offers a synergistic approach that can transform your dance studio's online presence into a vibrant community hub. While the Licensed Design provides the optimal user experience and journey for dance parents, ensuring they can effortlessly find the perfect dance class for their child within a website that radiates positivity and aligns with our core values, EngagePlus brings an additional layer of dynamic interaction and engagement.

EngagePlus empowers your studio to consistently engage with your audience through a blend of blogs, newsletters, promotions, and a dedicated Recital Hub. This suite of tools is designed not just for communication, but for building a connected community around your studio. It enables you to share updates, insights, and special moments with your audience, fostering a deeper connection between your studio and its families.

The integration of Licensed Design with EngagePlus means that your studio's website is not only beautifully designed and easy to navigate, but it's also a lively, interactive space where parents and students feel continuously connected and engaged with your studio's life. This combination enhances your studio’s online visibility, drives engagement, and supports growth by making your studio not just a place to learn dance, but a community where great kids are made. In a digital age where engagement is key to growth, this powerful pairing ensures your studio stands out and thrives.

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