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Back-End Content Descriptors

HTML code on every page that tells search engines what the page is about and how the page should appear in search results

Keyword Placement

Keyword Placement is all about learning what people are searching for and letting them know you have what they're looking for. We put these key phrases in more nooks & crannies than competitors to put your site on top.

Instructions for Site Crawlers

A set of documents that instruct web robots on how to navigate your website. These documents inform search engine bots on what pages you have, which ones to prioritize, and which ones to avoid.

Google Ecosystem Integration

Google offers dozens of tools that help search engines learn more about your site and help optimize your site to look and perform its best. We take full advantage of these tools.

Competitor Research

We conduct a deep dive analysis of your top competitors. We look at the strategies and keywords they are using and create a detailed plan to outperform them.

Extra Pages And Blog

You may have heard content is king. You may have also heard quality over quantity. We deliver both by providing you with search-engine-optimized, keyword-rich pages and a blog to keep the traffic coming.

More Real Estate

Domains are like real estate and purchasing the right ones can bring more clients to your business. We research and buy names with a lot of potential for you and then redirect them to your main site.

Fine-Tuning The Results

Analytics in convenient monthly reports to help you understand the data. We push more on what's working and discard what isn't, thus improving your ranking. The better your ranking, the more traffic to your site and more traffic means more clients.

If you're not at the top, you may be overlooked.

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